My Journey

V.S was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Started writing his music 2011 when he wanted to express his feelings through an artistic picture, and then he was inspired to write a song called “you never know”. His passion for music build up and began to create music production on his own, making genres such as Hip Hop and R&B all his work and creativity was influenced by artist such as Ryan Leslie, Jay Z, and Lupe Fiasco to write his own music.

He released his first Mixtape in June 2012 called “Count Me In”, which opened doors for him to collect audience worldwide to build his mailing list and social presence online. V.S produced and recorded all songs from the Mixtape on his own and started to make a name for himself. In the year 2013 (12 of August) he released his first debut album independently called “V.S Meets Love”. 1 of the songs from the album namely “Go Hard” has made a placement of being in the top 20 list of hottest songs at song submit reference link (

He now has over 43 thousand (43k) twitter followers and over a thousand (1k) facebook likes worldwide.

Made radio appearance to radio stations such as VUTFM, SoshFM, TshwaneFM, Megazone Hit radio, West Coast (Kinky Friday), SMUFM.
Made TV appearance on Tshwane TV Channel 262(DSTV)