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Top Qoutes about WORK

Work, Hard absorbing work, joyous rewarding work – how long have men realized its place in life! And when challenged by a job that seems too big – perseverance is half the battle. 

"Work Keeps at bay three great evils: boredom, vice and need." – Voltaire 

"I never did a day’s work in my life. it was all fun". – Thomas A. Edison 

"Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did

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Mixing and mastering

Mixing and Mastering Services

Are you making hot music but struggling to make them sound "BIG" like the pros? Or are you a vocalist with slick rhymes but can't get your recording to sound professional? Good news...I'm here to help. 

I can give you the professional sound you are looking for, and it's much more affordable than renting a studio yourself! 

I'll let the final master samples do the talking, have a listen below. When you're ready just contact us and  will get straight down to it, working on the mix or master until you are

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Take Ownership of Your Dream

Every day we face situations in our lives that make us to be discouraged or what most people say “having a rough day.” Well without a positive mindset it’s very difficult to stay in the game or to live your dream.

What’s your dream? Do you know it? Are you afraid to do it? Or are you chasing it but you facing difficulties and experiencing tough times? Well, we all want something to fulfil but not all of us have the courage, the will and the strength to do whatever it takes to fulfil that dream. Stop looking…

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How to time management

How To Manage Your Time

Every day we're alive, we're one day closer to our death.  I don't mean to alarm you or cause you to panic, but as I'm sure you're already aware, we all have a finite amount of time to do what we need to do with our lives.  It's all too easy to let days, months, even years fly by without ever really getting a handle on how to "manage time". 

Of course, we can't really manage time. We can't slow it down.  We can't change it.  All we can really manage is ourselves and how we move through time.  If you're…

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Song Competition with BeatsByMollen

Are you a rapper/singer with mad skills? Put your skills to the test by entering the Beats By Mollen Song Competition


  • Download the beat and make a song/freestyle out of it 
  • There are no limitations on genre or type 
  • Make sure your recording as clear as possible so we can hear what you saying 
  • After you done with the song upload it to, send your submission to


  • 1st…
10 insurance mistakes to avoid

20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes

if you looking to win or for some success in the music business here is top 20 mistake you need to avoid.

1.    Your Songs Suck 
2.    You’re Producing Yourself 
3.    You’re Not Marketing…At ALL 
4.    You’re Operating with an Out-Of-Date Business Model 
5.    You’re not thinking Like a Record Label 
6.    You’re not selling Your Music on Your Website 
7.    You’re not posting Regular Videos to YouTube 
8.    You Suck At Project Management 
9.    You’re waiting For Your “Big Break” 
10. You Still…

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Press Release Podcast


Contact Information: 
Address: 162 Block CC 
                 South Africa 
Cell no.: 079 682 7404 


V.S Changes the game with the New Album My Life It’s Music  

V.S and his team are thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from V.S, My Life It’s Music available digitally on 15 March 2016. 
My Life It’s Music is a hip hop album created with a variety of unique…

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Music promotion

39 Amazing Ways to Market Your Album In a Week or Less

1. Post Info on Social Media Sites. 

2. Send Singles to Bloggers EARLY.

3. Upload Single to Streaming Sites (SoundCloud, AudioMack, Bandcamp).

4. Utilize Instagram to premiere album artwork.

5. Utilize Vine to showcase the finished product (try to showcase packaging).

6. Utilize Tumblr for blogging and photo capability.

7. Utilize Google Hangouts to premiere your album.

8. Utilize YouTube to post Behind the Scenes content and Lyric Videos.

9. Create a Landing Page for Your Album.

10. Post on…

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Beats FAQ



  • Currently we use PayPal to accept payments, soon we will accept credit cards/debit cards.


  • Non- Exclusive Rights means you lease the beat for a specific amount e.g. $19.99/$30.00. The producer still owns the beat and can still sell it online. 
  •  Exclusive…

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