10 trade-offs worth making in life

Here is a list of 10 trade-offs worth making: 

  1. Trade the first half for the second half. Much of the first half of life is spent paying the price for later success. The greater dues you pay now, the more they compound, and the greater potential for a successful second half. 
  2. Trade affirmation for accomplishment. Accolades fade quickly, but your accomplishments have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 
  3. Trade financial gain for future potential. The temptation is almost always to go for the “big bucks.” But seeking to have greater potential almost always leads to higher return – including financially. 
  4. Trade immediately pleasure for personal growth. It takes an oak tree decades to grow, but it takes a squash only weeks. Which do you want to be? 
  5. Trade exploration for focus. The younger you are the more experimenting you should do. But once you’ve found what you were created to do, stick with it. 
  6. Trade quantity of life for quality of life. Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Give it your best because you won’t get another chance. 
  7. Trade security for significance. The great men and women of history were great not because of what they owned or earned, but because they gave their lives to accomplish greatness. 
  8. Trade acceptable for excellence. If something is worth doing, either give it your best or don’t do it at all. 
  9. Trade addition for multiplication. When you invest in others, you multiply your efforts – every person you assist becomes a fellow workmate. 
  10. Trade your work for God for a walk with God. No matter how much you value your work, it cannot compare with a relationship with your Creator

Always remember these trade-offs because they are from experience not intellectual.

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