20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes

if you looking to win or for some success in the music business here is top 20 mistake you need to avoid.

1.    Your Songs Suck 
2.    You’re Producing Yourself 
3.    You’re Not Marketing…At ALL 
4.    You’re Operating with an Out-Of-Date Business Model 
5.    You’re not thinking Like a Record Label 
6.    You’re not selling Your Music on Your Website 
7.    You’re not posting Regular Videos to YouTube 
8.    You Suck At Project Management 
9.    You’re waiting For Your “Big Break” 
10. You Still Think Record Labels Develop Talent 
11. You Don’t Think Of Your Music as Product 
12. You’re Self Sabotaging 
13. You Are Too Sensitive To Take Constructive Criticism 
14. You’re listening To Haters 
15. You Haven’t Defined Your Lane 
16. You’re Live Performance Sucks 
17. You’re Not Capitalizing On Your Live Performances 
18. You’re Putting Too Much Stock Into Your ReverbNation Ranking 
19. You Don’t Know What You’re Doing On Twitter 
20. You Think It’s All About Music, Not Marketing

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