39 Amazing Ways to Market Your Album In a Week or Less

1. Post Info on Social Media Sites. 

2. Send Singles to Bloggers EARLY.

3. Upload Single to Streaming Sites (SoundCloud, AudioMack, Bandcamp).

4. Utilize Instagram to premiere album artwork.

5. Utilize Vine to showcase the finished product (try to showcase packaging).

6. Utilize Tumblr for blogging and photo capability.

7. Utilize Google Hangouts to premiere your album.

8. Utilize YouTube to post Behind the Scenes content and Lyric Videos.

9. Create a Landing Page for Your Album.

10. Post on Message Boards.

11. Change your Avatar to your Album Cover on various Social Media sites.

12. Submit lyrics from your album to OHHLA or Rapgenius.

13. Encourage album participants to market the album when it is released.

14. Email your mailing list before and after your album drops.

15. Setup Interviews with Bloggers or those interested in your brand.

16. Gather album reviews for your release (check the next tip).

17. Submit your album to BLOGGERS and ask them to review it.

18. Submit your album's press release to free press release sites.

19. Ask a video blogger to review your album.

20. Hold a contest.

21. Create a hashtag for your album.

22. Create album memes using Over (iPhone) or Expressions (Android).

23. Hype up your album release party.

24. Video Blog the album creation process. 

25. Hand out physical copies to your friends and family.

26. Submit your music to radio stations (Online Stations are great).

27. Offer exclusive content.

28. Post album singles on Reddit.

29. Perform new songs from your album at Open Mics.

30. Release an instrumental version of your album.

31. Utilize Ustream to document the recording process and for live performances.


33. Buy Advertisement space on a Blog/Website.

34. Have a blog premiere your album a few days before release (stream of the album before it drops).

35. Update your email signature to reflect your album release.

36. Print up flyers, posters, stickers, etc and post them everywhere.

37. Create special business cards that reflect the release of your album.

38. Create a Pinterest collage that revolves around your album. 

39. Get a Busking license and perform songs from your album near highly populated areas

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