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V.S Changes the game with the New Album My Life It’s Music  

V.S and his team are thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from V.S, My Life It’s Music available digitally on 15 March 2016. 
My Life It’s Music is a hip hop album created with a variety of unique sounds which nicely blend with a couple of RnB/Pop genres. Most of the songs in the album are produced by V.S and the song writing accompanied by the vocalists.The album represent V.S in expressing his extreme love for music as well as his journey so far since he has been in the music business and generally in life. There are a variety of amazing vocalists as well accompanied with V.S. The first song to be released was Hurricane featuring Micki Consiglio in mid-2015. It was released and aired in a couple of radio stations in South Africa and V.S performed it live in Tshwane TV Studios.The next singles to be released just before the album release date are‘My Style’ and ‘Glory King Royalty featuring Travis Clarke.’. 
V.S is a talented independent artist, producer and song writer. He started his music journey in early 2009, as a way to express himself and his feelings after his father’s death. He first started recording mixtapes in his early times of his career and released his first indie album called ‘V.S Meets Love’, released in August 2013, which was received well by critics. He excels in producing beats as well, in which are sold worldwide. 
“This album is the perfect expression of how I feel about art of music” – V.S 
“Brilliant album!! – Steve Harris from DHA 
“It’s very unique from the common hiphop/rap, filled with creativity and edgy sounds. I love the fact it also has fantastic vocalists, which brings out different types of genres and sounds which blend well together” - Lila 
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  • busisiwe
    busisiwe South Africa
    Im getting my copy. Keep up the great work!

    Im getting my copy. Keep up the great work!

  • V.S
    Thank you

    Thank you

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