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Top Qoutes about WORK

Work, Hard absorbing work, joyous rewarding work – how long have men realized its place in life! And when challenged by a job that seems too big – perseverance is half the battle. 

"Work Keeps at bay three great

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Take Ownership of Your Dream

Every day we face situations in our lives that make us to be discouraged or what most people say “having a rough day.” Well without a positive mindset it’s very difficult to stay in the game or to live…

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How To Manage Your Time

Every day we're alive, we're one day closer to our death.  I don't mean to alarm you or cause you to panic, but as I'm sure you're already aware, we all have a finite amount of time to do what…

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10 trade-offs worth making in life

Here is a list of 10 trade-offs worth making: 

  1. Trade the first half for the second half. Much of the first half of life is spent paying the price for later success. The greater dues you pay now, the…


If you know me that well I always like to say “V.S aka I’m focus” well I always stay focus no matter what. Whether things going well for me…

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